Support for Lawyers

Lawyers Helping Lawyers

KALAP is an organization created by lawyers for lawyers. Our volunteers are lawyers, our board includes lawyers, and our Executive Director is also a lawyer. We know what it is like to be a lawyer and we can help when you are in need.

It is estimated that anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 lawyers licensed by the State of Kansas are struggling with physical or mental health concerns impairing their professional abilities. This results in a substantial impact on clients and the legal system. The Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program (KALAP) was created by the Kansas Supreme Court to provide immediate and continuing assistance to any lawyer, law student, or bar applicant needing help with physical or mental health issues such as depression, stress, grief, and anxiety; addiction issues such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and gambling; age-related issues; or any other issues that may affect the lawyer’s quality of life or ability to perform the lawyer’s professional duties.

Lawyers can call KALAP for assistance for themselves and for their colleagues.  KALAP’s free and confidential services, including consultations, referrals for assessments and treatment, mentoring and interventions, are available to all Kansas lawyers at no cost. 

In addition to the above services, through our partner, Alternatives Inc., KALAP can also assist Kansas lawyers with short-term counseling options. These short-term counseling options are available at no cost to the lawyer. For more information, please call KALAP at 785-368-8275. To see a complete list of services, visit our services page.

Suicide Prevention

For more information on suicide prevention, please visit the Kansas Suicide Resources Prevention Center.