Assisting Kansas Lawyers

In 2001, the Supreme Court of Kansas established the Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program (KALAP), pursuant to Rule 233 of the Kansas Supreme Court. KALAP is funded by the Supreme Court and staffed by an executive director, 2 staff members, and peer volunteers. It is empowered to provide for the identification, peer intervention, counseling, and rehabilitation of Kansas lawyers and law students who are having personal difficulties which adversely affect their ability to practice law. These difficulties include physical or mental illness, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, aging related issues, eating disorders, and process addictions associated with gambling or gaming.

The Program is governed by the Kansas Lawyers’ Assistance Board made up of at least eleven (11) lawyers from around the state appointed by the Kansas Supreme Court. The heart of the program, however, is the statewide network of over 130 peer volunteers committed to helping lawyers in need, some of whom have been in recovery for many years themselves.