Law Practice Management

Our law practice management program encourages best business practices and provides a resource-based framework to improve a lawyer’s ability to manage their practice. The program is designed to alleviate practice stress, improve lawyer client relationships, and enhance career satisfaction. At KALAP, we have witnessed the direct link between law practice management related issues, lawyer well-being, and attorney discipline. As a result, we strive to be a resource for Kansas lawyers for information and help with better managing the practice of law and improving their work-life balance through law practice management related skills.

KALAP’s law practice management consultations can cover any topics you need help with. Popular topics include business and succession planning, time management, productivity, technology, staffing, career development, and more. Your consultation can cover a range of topics or focus more extensively on a topic of your choice, entirely dependent on your needs. To schedule a time to speak with KALAP staff, call 785-368-8275.